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BEDEXA injection  online Provides fast-acting, reliable therapy for the control and treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD).


BEDEXA for sale – The best solution to target BRD-causing bacteria

BEDEXA is a must-have solution for injection that makes the backbone of high-quality beef cattle care. It’s a result of many years of research on the bovine respiratory disease that accounts for the ever-increasing mortality rate among animals. Although the condition has long been considered a devastating one, you can now buy BEDEXA and start effective veterinary treatment to keep it at bay.

Here’s how BEDEXA works:

  • Targeting pathogens. The substance’s action is directed against Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica, the most common bacterial causes of BRD. Whether they affect the lower or upper respiratory tract, these pathogens lead to the acute disease form.
  • Improving symptoms. BRD is often associated with mild to severe coughing, abnormal eye discharge, lack of appetite, and fever, among other signs. With our BEDEXA for sale, you can administer on-the-spot treatment to provide your cattle with long-awaited relief.
  • Taking effect right away. BEDEXA is all about a fast-acting solution. When it comes to controlling BRD (also called shipping fever), its effectiveness is unmatched. Significant beef cattle health improvements are seen in almost no time.

Stay aware of dosage information before buying BEDEXA online

Keep in mind that BEDEXA should be administered under the supervision of a licensed vet. Also, injections with this solution should never be given to dairy cattle and calves reared for veal.

For other cattle breeds suffering from bovine respiratory disease, these injections can be of great avail. At Enongvet Medication, you can buy BEDEXA in 20 mL bottles to be used as a single shot with the dosage calculated as 2 mL/100 lb SQ. All the subsequent injections should be given as 1.5 mL/100 lb SQ 48 hours after the first shot. With this in mind, you should never administer more than 15 mL of BEDEXA into the same injection area. Following the recommended dosage calculations, you can safely provide your cattle with BRD treatment.

To buy BEDEXA online at Enongvet Medication, you can use either BTC, WU, or MoneyGram. We also offer discounts for large orders, so consider buying this solution in bulk.


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