Bleeder Paste

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• Reduce bleeding and repairs lung antiinflammatory
• Provides anti inflammatory benefits
• Breathing Support and reduce lung pressure
• Stimulates Lung Assimilate Oxygen
• All-natural and drug free product
• 100% safe for competition and racing
• Easily absorbs in the stomach with no side effects.
• Pharmacy grade ingredients
• Suitable for all disciplines




Product Information
BLEEDER PASTE is a scientifically formulated natural bleeding paste, utilizing the latest technology in the preparation and extraction of the active ingredients allowing the formula to be maturated for maximum results. It is 100% safe for competition and all the ingredients are clear of any banned substance. It is also easy to be absorb to the stomach with no side effects. BLEEDER PASTE is suitable for all performance horses where lung stress is evident even strenuous exercise, bleeder paste will help the onset of a bleeding attack during competition.

Why does bleeding paste work?
Key Ingredient
It works because the ingredients and maturation process is the reason this breakthrough oral bleeder paste really works. See some key ingredient: Glycerine, Yarrow, Tienchi Bark, Bladder Wrack, Schizandra, Trifolia Pendula, Artemesia, PEG3350, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Zinc and Selected Amino Acids. The technology of a maturations process combines the ingredients for fast absorption.

Why Use bleeding paste?
Everybody knows all horses bleed in the lung. The combined ingredients will help your horse to promote healing of EIPH-damaged bleeding lungs, improved oxygen exchange, and supports healthy lungs in equine athletes.

Safe for Use of bleeding paste?
BLEEDER PASTE is made from natural key ingredients and selected amino anti-inflammatory peptides. It does not and cannot swab. It is completely Drug and Chemical free and there are no possible side-effects. It is also designed to stop bleeding of the lungs while also keeping elasticity and performance of the horse lung condition. When used as a daily horse supplement it will prevent lung bleeding by generating better circulation and strengthening the horse lung tissue.

Is it Legal in Performance Animals?
BLEEDER PASTE is 100% natural and drug free. It will not and cannot compromise any performance animal in any event or race it competes. It does not swab.

How to Use bleeding paste?
For best results, use 20 grams tube 8 days before competition, another 20 grams tube 6 days before competition. Do not use any closer than 4 days before race at all times.

Size & Availability bleeding paste?
Available in 60 gram paste Also available in pack size 3 or 12


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