Dexarectic 10ml

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Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Diuretic Formula

Breakthrough scientific research by Taylormade Horse Supplies Int’l Ltd has led to the release of an exciting and revolutionary new product Dexarectic developed exclusively for the Camel racing industry. What makes this product unique is not only the research and science but also being able to treat the Camel within 5 days of racing. With the long hard racing season ahead every training should be looking at getting the winning edge by using Dexarectic.


  • Superior stamina and strength
  • 6 day dexarectic technology
  • Treat inflammatory and autoimmune conditions
  • 5 Day Withdrawal Period
  • Diuretic
  • Pain Relief
  • Fights Fatigue
  • Effective and safe to use


Buy Dexarectic to help your camel win despite adverse conditions

Developed to meet the camel racing industry’s specific needs, Dexarectic has caused a sensation in the modern market. It creates strong anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, significantly improving the animal’s well-being. Make sure to purchase Dexarectic for sale at Enongvet Medication to help your camel recover in the shortest time possible. This solution is extremely effective yet budget-friendly, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on unknown medications.   

Undeniable benefits of buying Dexarectic

The results of three-year research conducted by Taylormade Horse Supplies Int’l prove Dexarectic’s ability to treat camels effectively. Indeed, trainers have awaited the product launch as it has unique properties, such as managing the camel’s conditions within 5 days of racing. The product’s efficiency comes from its revolutionary formula. Although it contains well-known components that are popular among similar remedies, the unique combination of these elements turns Dexarectic into a game-changer. Here are the unprecedented benefits that your animal will get from using it:

  • fast pain relief
  • significant fatigue reduction
  • considerable energy boost
  • remarkable productivity increase
  • excellent stamina 

This product also possesses great potential in improving camels’ autoimmune conditions. Furthermore, it has additional effects caused by anti-inflammatory corticosteroids. They reduce various allergic, rheumatic, and dermatologic manifestations responsive to the chemicals mentioned above.

Is it safe to buy Dexarectic online?

We are proud to admit that all the products at our online store have been properly examined and are safe to use. Enongvet Medication is a trustworthy provider of Dexarectic, working only with proven suppliers and storing the items in appropriate conditions. Thus, you can be sure that buying Dexarectic online is a great decision to support your camel’s health. 

State-of-the-art technology and harmless ingredients will help your animal get in perfect shape and prepare for an intense racing season despite the circumstances. Purchasing Dexarectic for sale will increase the odds of winning the top prize at the competition. At the same time, you’ll be able to save money that you would otherwise spend on costly treatment. Apply 10 ml of Dexarectic five days before the competition but avoid giving it to your animal if it starts sooner. Such an approach will help your camel head straight for victory.


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