Enduro Blast 50ml

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Enduro-Blast has been scientifically developed to producing a significant increase in blood supply to muscles and the heart, and hence increases yet regulates the oxygen release of red blood cells and essential nutrient supply to these areas during racing and competition and training including hard work.


Cater to the great oxygen demands of equine muscles with Enduro Blast, 50ml for sale

There’s no denying the fact that horses are one of the most impressive athletes with an innate ability to perform at big events. It is mostly due to a robust circulatory system that works in harmony with the respiratory structure. Two major organs, including the spleen and heart, are connected by vessels to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body cells. The athletic potential of a horse is associated with the heart size and the amount of blood it pumps. If you are looking to boost oxygen releasing capacity of red blood cells, consider investing in Enduro Blast, 50ml for sale. It is a scientifically proven solution that combines the benefits of AMP-5 and ITPP. Adenosine-5-monophosphate is a natural vasodilator that increases blood circulation to skeletal muscles, while ITPP helps in boosting performance and energy.

At Enongvet Medication, we understand the importance of healthy blood circulation in racing thoroughbreds. It can make a huge difference at the finishing line. When you buy Enduro Blast, 50ml from us, you will notice the results in no time. Not only does it help in delaying the onset of muscle fatigue, but it also maximizes the energy levels. Furthermore, it can prevent and treat heart strain, thanks to its potent vasodilation effect on cardiac muscles. You can administer 10ml daily for three days and stop it a couple of days before the event.

Order Enduro Blast, 50ml online at discounted rates

Just like humans, athletic animals also require nutritional supplements to perform at their best. A balanced diet may not be enough to boost energy, and there’s no harm in opting for additional support. At Enongvet Medication, we are a one-stop-shop for reasonably priced equine solutions.  Although we encourage our customers to consult a vet prior to medicating their horses, we also have experts to guide you. Order Enduro Blast, 50ml online from our intuitive platform with convenient payment methods on offer. No other supplier can match our quality and customer service. Please contact us at your convenience if you need any assistance.


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