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Mercaptamine HCL formula (Cysteamine) 3.75 g.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 12.5 g.
Dexamethasone 21 Phosphate 0.115 g.
Distilled Water csp 100 ml.

Normalizes metabolic imbalances, especially of carbohydrates. Ketonemia states (postpartum fallen females), metabolic crises, myopathies, sheaths, etc. Avoid treatment in animals with advanced pregnancy.


Buy Equicistan to make your horse lightning-fast

When you’re into racing sports, you know how important it is to keep your horse healthy. To get the first place, the animal has to perform at its best, running with maximum speed, endurance, and power. At our store, we offer Equicistan for sale that can help your horse win the race, increasing all the properties mentioned above. This drug is widely used to improve performance during the run without causing any harm to the animal’s health. And Enongvet Medication is your best opportunity to get it with a nice discount. 

Reasons to buy Equicistan online from us

All our products are legal and certified. They are 100% genuine and not expired. And what is most important, our Equicistan for sale is safe for your horse. The medication’s compounds were clinically tested multiple times, and the results showed no evidence of considerable side-effects for mammals, including humans. We assure you that your racer will fly like Pegasus with our meds, staying healthy and happy. Have a look at some features of our Equicistan for sale to see if it’s really what you’re looking for:

  • It is energizing. A high dosage of Vitamin C will give your horse some fuel to run on.


  • It reduces inflammation. Equicistan alleviates muscle and joint pain.
  • It enhances motor activity. The active ingredient Cysteamine contributes to improving the cerebellum functioning in horses.
  • It normalizes metabolic imbalance. This medicine helps to prevent myopathy and ketonemia.


Buy Equicistan if you want to give your animal a healthy boost. This drug is the safest and one of the most effective remedies used in racing sports. And it not only can help your horse win the competition but improve training results too. You can apply it for different purposes, but avoid giving it to older mares who expect a foal. In other cases, there are little to none risks of side-effects. 

Buy Equicistan online on our website and get yourself ready for being laureled for glorious victories on the hippodrome. With Enongvet Medication’s products, your horse will fly to the finish line like a rocket, making others drag far behind.


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