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HEMO-15 number; 3 pieces of content; 100ml; HEMO 15 is a solution of nutritional substances (B-Vitamin Group, Amino Acids, Minerals) specially formulated for horses in sports.


Buy HEMO-15 to boost health in athletic horses

Maintaining the equine health and fitness level is an integral part of a training regime. Stable and robust joints make the recipe for maximizing the performance ability in high-level competitions. And regular supplementation can improve joint health and prolong the athletic life of your horse. If you are looking for a viable option, consider going for HEMO-15 for sale. It’s an amino acid, vitamin, and micromineral solution that prevents deficiencies in horses and camels.

This supplement initiates the effect of B-group vitamins that stimulate energy metabolism and prevent anemia. When you buy HEMO-15 from Enongvet Medication, you can also be sure it will help:

  • treat and prevent debilitating conditions in equines
  • prepare your one for competitions
  • accelerate recovery times
  • back up any antibiotic therapy
  • increase red blood cell production

The quickest way to enhance the quality of a horse’s blood is to use injectable HEMO-15. Starting such a boosting course will add to the blood counts required for your equine’s brilliant performance. Natural RBC replacement may take up to 5 days, but supplementation can expedite this process to a great extent.

High-quality HEMO-15 for sale at your trusted online store

We come across tons of information about minerals and vitamins when it comes to feeding our horses, but most of the insights can be confusing. No matter whether you make do with forage, it is never enough to meet essential nutrition requirements. Buy HEMO-15 online instead and forget about long waits and extra efforts.

We offer legal supplements that can be easily administered for significant results in your horses and camels. There are very few competitors on the market who can match our quality and pricing. Plus, we also vouch that your horse or camel is getting the safest HEMO-15. Our team conducts quality inspection and trials to ensure that you’re provided with the best performance-boosting product without a hefty price tag.

Being a value-driven company, it is our responsibility to offer advanced equine and camel solutions to trainers, owners, and breeders across the globe. Buy HEMO-15 online at Enongvet Medication to see that for yourself!


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