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Hylenex (Hyaluronidase Human injection) Recombinant 150u/mL SDV 4x1mL Refrigerated


Order Hylenex online to treat dehydration in horses

Equine athletes that are made to exercise during hot and humid weather lose electrolytes and fluid as a result of perspiration. Even an exercise of short duration can cause fluid loss in scorching conditions. Dehydration directly impacts muscle action, and it can make the heart work harder. There are chances of kidney failure in serious cases. Instead of resolving this fatal occurrence, it is much safer to avoid dehydration. Giving an electrolyte powder may help recover lost substances, but we suggest you buy Hylenex for quicker recovery. It is a genetically designed protein injected into the body to rehydrate the system by increasing the absorption rate of parenteral fluids. A heavily sweating horse may recover completely within a few hours. The owner can check the status by conducting a capillary refill or skin pinch test.

At Enongvet Medication, we know it can be a challenging task to keep an eye on your horse’s hydration levels, but it is an important factor to boost overall performance. When you buy Hylenex from us, you can rest assured that it is the best formulation for subcutaneous rehydration. It can also accelerate the absorption and dispersion of other injected solutions. Our product is available as a 150u/mL solution that is not for IV use. Please consult your veterinarian for accurate dosing.

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Are you facing performance issues with your high-performing horses? Do you notice a drop in energy? Enongvet Medication has got you covered with advanced equine solutions that are proven to offer significant results. We take pride in our one-firm approach and procure our supplies from top-rated manufacturers. No other vendor can match the quality or pricing we offer. With an experienced and passionate team, we look forward to achieving the highest ethical standards.

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