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A number of tissues unrelated to its analgesic action are directly affected by oxycodone. The respiratory centre in the brain stem, the cough centre in the medulla, the muscles of the pupils, the digestive tract, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, and the immunological system are among these tissues.Label The respiratory centre is affected by oxycodone in a dose-dependent manner, causing respiratory depression.Label The cough reflex is suppressed as a result of the cough center’s function.Label The digestive tract’s peristalsis slows, the size of the pupil shrinks, and muscular tone in the colon may rise, all of which contribute to constipation.Label Histamine may be released in the cardiovascular system, causing pruritis, red eyes, flushing, perspiration, and low blood pressure.Label Prolactin levels may rise, cortisol levels may drop, and testosterone levels may rise as a result of endocrine impacts.Label Not yet known is whether


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