Pentoflex Gold 50ml

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Joint Supplements for Horses & Camels

A new treatment developed by Taylormade Horse Supplies Int’l Ltd for Equine and Camel  arthritis it is providing amazing results for Horses and Camels suffering from acute arthritic  conditions. PENTOFLEX GOLD is not the first I.V arthritic treatment or just the best joint supplement for horses & camels but many of the other  products previously available have remained unchanged now for decades and as this new  technology in medicine provides more effective forms of this essential joint component,  it goes without saying that the only option is PENTOFLEX GOLD.


Buy Pentoflex Gold to put the animal on its feet quickly

Suitable for both camels and horses, this joint supplement is a direct provider of essential nutrients. It contains proven active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Pentosan Polysulfate, and a new regenerative peptide called GHRP. Although those are popular components of numerous similar products in today’s market, Pentoflex Gold has a revolutionary formula. It includes a unique combination of the agents mentioned above. Buy Pentoflex Gold online at Evongvet Medication to significantly alleviate the symptoms of equine or camel arthritis. This breakthrough solution ensures a quick recovery, addressing joint problems with a completely new approach.

Buy Pentoflex Gold — make a healthy choice for your animal

Unlike the old-generation products that used to penetrate the animal’s body via intramuscular injection, Pentoflex Gold has a lightning-fast effect due to its intravenous application. Not only does it allow for flash-like pain relief, but it also provides efficient arthritis treatment. It contains a meticulously calculated dosage of the necessary ingredients that resolve common issues. They are usually related to fetlock joints and knees, as well as other problematic areas. 

Many clients buying Pentoflex Gold for sale at Evongvet Medication are interested in its mode of action. The product targets affected joints that tend to have low levels of synovial fluid. These body parts suffer from a lack of hyaluronic acid, while Pentoflex Gold effectively replenishes the shortage. It ensures abundant lubrication of synovial surfaces, which is essential for the proper functioning of the entire soft tissue system: 

  • ensures immediate pain relief
  • boosts joint rejuvenation 
  • provides anti-inflammatory effect

It is totally safe to purchase Pentoflex Gold online since we have strict quality standards. The product has been approved for use after clinical trials. It is drug-free, supplying your horse or camel only with natural components. Thus, buying Pentoflex Gold for sale at our store will be a sensible choice for trainers who are genuinely interested in the healthiest way to help their animal run freely again.

Apply 10ml of Pentoflex Gold on a weekly basis for one month and then reduce the amount to 5ml each week. Don’t forget to store the product below 25°C so that its properties remain intact.


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