Peroxygen (Potassium monopersulfate triple salt)

Organic acid (Malic acid)

Inorganic buffer system (Sodium hexametaphosphate,Sodium chloride,Sulfamic acid); Surfactant (Sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate)


Disinfection of facilities, equipment, vehicles, disinfectant boot bath, water pipeline system, all surface in the farm.

Disinfection of hard surface in livestock production and transportation facilities.

Treatment of enviroment which contaminate organic compound.


Disinfectant of water system: Mix 100 g Perovet in 20 liters water (1:200), fill the solution into water system, keep into 1 hour, rinse the water system with water

Sterilize drinking water and skin antiseptic: Mix 100 g Perovetin 100 liters of water (1: 1000) for drinking or bathing.
Air disinfection: when the disease are spreading, mix 100 g in 20 liters of water (1: 200), spray directly on animals daily with 1 liter / 10 m2 surface to prevent disease spreading.
Sterilize equipment: Mix 100 g of water in 10-20 liters of water (1: 100 – 1: 200), spray 300 ml / m2.
Sterilize housing before animal introduction: Mix 100 g in 10 liters of water (1: 100), spray 300 ml / m2.
Dip shoes, wheels: Mix 100 g in 10 liters of water (1: 100).

Contraindications: None

Withdrawal time: None

PRESERVATION: Store in a cool place and keep out of direct sunlight


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