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Details on the medication ziconotide (Prialt)
To treat severe chronic pain, one can utilise the drug ziconotide. It is applied to individuals who are either intolerant of other treatments or resistant to them, including intrathecal morphine, adjuvant therapies, and analgesics.

Titration of the dose:

To reach a maximum dose of 19.2 mcg/day (0.8 mcg/hour) by day 21, the manufacturer advises titrating the dose by 2.4 mcg/day (0.1 mcg/hour) or less every second or third day.
At day 21, the typical dose is 6.9 mcg/day (0.29 mcg/hour).
On the basis of analgesia and tolerability, experts advise that the upward titration dose should not, however, exceed 0.5 mcg/day per week.
The advantages and disadvantages should be evaluated if analgesia is urgently required.

What Is PRIALT All About 

Prialt, also known as ziconotide, is a medication primarily used as a painkiller, specifically for severe chronic pain. Unlike traditional painkillers, It is a synthetic version of a toxin found in the cone snail venom. It works by blocking calcium channels in nerve cells, which reduces the release of certain neurotransmitters involved in transmitting pain signals.

Prialt is usually administered through a spinal pump directly into the fluid around the spinal cord. This method helps to minimize systemic side effects since the medication acts locally in the spinal cord. It’s typically considered for individuals who haven’t responded well to other pain medications or treatments.



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