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  • New cutting edge technology delivers worlds most potent super growth factors.
  • 500% more selected proteins and natural growth factors than any competitor.
  • The advancements in SGF-5000 will take your horse or racing camel to a new level of competitiveness.
  • SGF-5000 is only for the serious competitor with the will to win.
  • It’s 100% safe for competition and has no banned substances.
  • Take advantage of the latest development in technology available and use SGF-5000.


Make your stallion ready for the big day with SGF-5000 for sale

It is a challenging task to feed a growing horse properly, meaning the owner has to provide essential proteins, salt, minerals, water, and a host of other nutrients. The fodder alone is not enough for that. This way, your horse may not get the correct phosphorus-calcium ratio required for full-fledged development. If you are looking to induce competitiveness in your stallion, be sure to give the SGF-5000 equine supplement a try for accelerated growth.

At Enongvet Medication, we stay abreast of cutting-edge technology to deliver the most potent super-growth factors. Our SGF-5000 for sale is an innovative liquid extract consisting of selected peptides, cytokines, proteins, and other vital ingredients extracted from the ovine placenta. It is prepared using a low-temperature process, which involves fractionation, ultra-filtration, and homogenization of the product suspended in a sterile solution.

The super-strength formulation of the SGF-5000 equine supplement allows for a higher concentration of selected growth factors and renewing cells that aid in quicker repair and recovery. From now on, you can prepare your elite equine athlete to face challenges, no matter how tough that competition seems to be!

Buy SGF-5000 online with guaranteed safety

As a horse or camel owner, you know the importance of pre-race products and how they can make a difference. There are lots of products on the market, but you don’t want to harm your animal just for the sake of racing. At Enongvet Medication, we believe in maintaining the highest possible standards to ensure 100% safety. You can buy SGF-5000 from our online store without being concerned about its quality. All our products have been manufactured with natural ingredients, without any toxic chemicals or synthetic substances. Whether you need to boost the immune system of your horse or looking to treat joint pain, we have got your back.

We supply supplements to trainers across the world, as we continuously strive to get better with time. Our team has an unwavering commitment towards manufacturing supplements in the purest form. Get in touch with us if you are looking for further insights!


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