Taipan injection


TAIPAN provides a blend of essential co-factors to ensure that muscle metabolism is optimized, that energy supply to muscles is adequate to reduce the risk of lactic acidosis, muscle fatigue and Tying Up.


Buy Taipan injections online for a competitive edge

At Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington’s heavy cavalry reserve charged into the French, smashing an entire attacking body of infantry in the process. Flush with victory, they rushed across the plain to attack Napoleon’s main line, but the horses collapsed in fatigue, and the riders were slaughtered. The horses were likely suffering from lactic acidosis and severe muscle fatigue. The same thing can happen to a rider in a competition if proper care of the horse or camel is not taken. This is why competitors should buy Taipan. This drug can keep horses from tying up in the middle of a race. 

How Taipan injections keep your mount fit?

Taipan works by optimizing muscle metabolism and making sure that the animal has enough energy to reduce the chances of muscle fatigue and lactic acidosis. Riders might think that this can only happen in extreme situations, but this is far from the truth. Horses and camels that compete need regular exercise, and it is in these situations when they can tie up. 

An animal that ties up can be unrideable for an extended period, leaving the rider without a way to compete. Taipan is specially formulated with ingredients like: 

  • L-Carnosine 
  • Nicotinamide
  • Potassium aspartate
  • Magnesium aspartate
  • And more 

These ingredients have been shown to be highly effective in reducing the risk of muscle fatigue and lactic acidosis in horses and camels. This is especially true for those that compete. 

Trust Enongvet Medication for the best Taipan injections for sale

If you want to make sure your horse or camel is always capable of performing at its best, you should rely on us. The number one reason why people buy Taipan from Enongvet Medication is that we have a team of employees who are horse and camel enthusiasts. Many of us ride ourselves, and we want to make sure our mounts are always healthy enough for riding. If you want quality service from people just like yourself, contact us today. We have the expert knowledge that will always keep you and your charger in the game.


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