Actovegin 400mg

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What is Actovegin 400mg

Low molecular weight peptides and derivatives of amino acids are present in the preparation known as actovegin. Each tablet has 200 mg of deproteinized hemoderivative calf blood. Actovegin is extensively used by athletes, it is WADA approved, and it is not regarded as doping.
The following are enhanced by actovegin: memory, energy levels, wound healing, and oxygen uptake.

Whenever is Actovegin 400mg used?
After strenuous workouts, athletes utilize it to increase their endurance and speed up muscle recovery.
It is used to aid in the recovery from a number of brain blood circulation-related diseases.
healing from burns

The scientific basis for Actovegin 400mg
Actovegin enhances glucose absorption, energy metabolism, and oxygen consumption at the molecular level (increasing resistance to hypoxia).
It has insulin-like activity, accelerates the transfer of glucose to brain cells, raises intracellular glucose levels, and enhances oxidative metabolism.
Actovegin boosts cellular level nutrition absorption and oxygen use. Certain processes, including wound healing, are encouraged since they require more oxygen. This also improves blood flow to the ischemic tissue areas.

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