Bio Blood Builder

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BIO BLOOD BUILDER is what the equine industry has been searching for, this uniquely formulated potent blood builder sets itself apart from every other builder market today. BIO BLOOD BUILDER is a potent formulated blood builder. It increases athletic performance by creating more red blood cells which then produce more oxygen for the body to uptake during competition.


Buy Bio Blood Builder to help your horse unleash the wild mustang’s power

Bio Blood Builder is a revolutionary supplement with undeniable benefits that will significantly energize your racehorse. Many ambitious trainers have been looking forward to this breakthrough solution in the equine industry as it has shown remarkable results. You can buy Bio Blood Builder online to supply your horse with vitamin B12 extracted via an elaborate filtration process. Not only does it boost the performance of a racing animal, but it also maintains its health in a good state between competitions. 

Buy Bio Blood Builder to boost your horse’s performance

This product is a universal equine supplement that can help a trainer boost the animal’s performance. Here are the most prominent properties of Bio Blood Builder:

  • enhance strength
  • stimulate power
  • build stamina
  • alleviate pain
  • stop bleeding
  • facilitate recovery from injuries

Opt for Bio Blood Builder at Enongvet Medication to let your horse reach its full potential and achieve excellent results at competitions.

Is it safe to buy Bio Blood Builder online?

This innovative product has been clinically proven and consists of natural ingredients. In other words, you shouldn’t worry about any illegal components — Bio Blood Builder is completely safe for your horse’s health. What makes it so efficient? 

This supplement contains a newly-discovered Cyanocobalamin molecule, making it one of the most potent blood builders. Patented amino acid sequence actively stimulates red blood cell production, increasing the Haemoglobin (HGB) and Haematocrit (HCT) levels. Therefore, your animal’s muscles start receiving more oxygen as our product dramatically increases its delivering capacity. As a result, muscle energy production undergoes a powerful boost, ensuring improved resilience. Purchase Bio Blood Builder for sale at Enongvet Medication to significantly improve your animal’s appetite, enhance its well-being and athletic performance. 

How to apply Bio Blood Builder?

This product gets into the horse’s organism via intramuscular injections. A weekly dose of 10ml of the blood builder is recommended for animals in training. If the competition is going to take place soon, we suggest that you give your horse 10ml three days before the race. Please abide by the appropriate storage conditions so that the product maintains all its properties.


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