AMP-5 Injection 20ml


AMP-5 is a coronary and skeletal muscle vasodilator. AMP-5 is used effectively in anticipation of severe cardiac and muscle exertion. AMP-5 is useful as an aid in the prevention of muscle cramping and ‘tying up’.

AMP-5 produces marked coronary vasodilation and improved myocardial cell perfusion, and can be used effectively in anticipation of severe cardiac load in athletic animals, or in the treatment of myocardial oxygen deficit (as evidenced by by performance linked ECG changes). AMP-5 is indicated in conditions leading to muscle cramping and ‘tying up’.

Active constituents: Adenosine-5-monophosphate 200mg/mL

Dosage and administration:
Administer by intramuscular injection only.
Note: Intravenous administration will produce a profound fall in blood pressure, and possible ataxia and collapse

Give two injections; one 24 hours before strenuous exercise, and a second injection 4 – 6 hours prior to anticpated strenuous exercise, by the intramuscular route.

Horses: 2.5 mL/100 kg bodyweight
Dogs: 0.5 mL/10 kg bodyweight.

AMP-5 is also available in paste formulation for oral administration.


Buy AMP-5 injections 20 mL to help your athlete’s muscles

Full-scale training is a key to raise an equine champion. But it’s pretty hard to pull it off when your racehorse is exhausted and lies down more often than not. There’s no denying that strenuous exercise requires all-out efforts. Proper nutrition aside, how can you prevent your horse from developing muscle fatigue and save it from the bouts of tying-up? Zoom in on the AMP-5 injection 20 mL online to find a way to help your champ perform at its peak.

AMP-5 is to be used for equines and dogs involved in full-scale training. As a vasodilator, this substance works by improving circulation to skeletal muscles and heart tissues. Therefore, it speeds up the removal of wastes like lactic acid and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the areas in question.

Equine trainers and breeders often buy AMP-5 injections 20 mL to:

  • maintain healthy muscles in horses
  • make sure they can perform without early spasms and tying-up
  • prepare their muscles for tough training sessions
  • reduce the recovery time after intense exercising

Before you buy AMP 20 mL online, learn more about the intricacies of substance administration. For the most substantial benefits of increased vasodilation, be sure to deliver it as two intramuscular injections when preparing your horse for exercise. The first shot should be given 24 hours and the other one 4-6 hours before it starts. Never use AMP-5 for IV injections.

How can you order the AMP-5 injection 20 mL online?

At Enongvet Medication, you’ll never find yourself baffled about the ordering process. Simply make your shopping cart full of as many AMP-5 injections as you need and go to checkout. They are available in 20 mL bottles, while the dosage is calculated as 2.5 mL per 100 kg of your horse’s weight. Do the math to stock up on the right quantity of injections and keep your equine’s muscles healthy during every exercise.

There are no specific requirements for buying AMP 20 mL online at Enongvet Medication. And we can ship this substance to wherever your farm or stable is located.


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