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dexaphenylbutazone is a member of glucocorticoid family and like other



What Is Dexaphenylbutazone Use For 

dexaphenylbutazone is a member of glucocorticoid family and like other drugs in this group it has a pharmacologic effect in all cells on the body. From different effects immunosuppressive (partially or completely suppressing the immune response of an individual) and anti inflammatory actions have been more evaluated and is indicated in these medical conditions. Glucocorticoid drugs inhibit the effects of lytic enzymes (relating to or causing lysis in tissues and cells as a destruction effect), which are released in inflammations and severe stress conditions. Also the phagocytosis effect by macrophages will be decreased.

dexaphenylbutazoneis another active ingredient in this product belongs to NSAIDs group of drugs and its mechanism of action is different from dexamethasone. Like other NSAID drugs phenylbutazone inhibits the prostaglandin’s inflammatory effects that produce pain and inflammation in the body. By this mechanism other effects of prostaglandins like fever is also blocked. Besides phenylbutazone interfere in early stage of inflammation and reduce the permeability of vascular beds and prevent from edema and diapedesis (the passage of blood cells through the intact walls of the capillaries, typically accompanying inflammation)By the combination of two active ingredients with different mechanism of action anti-inflammatory and pain relief of this product is predominant.

Indications Of Use Of Dexaphenylbutazone

Anti inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic. Musculoskeletal inflammations like arthritis, osteoarthritis, laminitis and tendonitis in horses.

Withdrawal Time  for dexaphenylbutazone None


After the use of first dose the remaining medicine can be used in 28 days.
Protect the vials in boxes and out of the direct sun light.
Do not use concomitantly with NSAIDs and other corticosteroid drugs. IV injection must be done slowly.
Do not use more than recommended dosage.
Do not sale without veterinary prescription.
Keep out of reach of children.Storage conditions

Protect in 15 – 25° C and direct sun light.

Dosage and route of administration for dexaphenylbutazone

20 ml/day by slow IV injection that can be repeated depending on the severity of the conditions. Foals:Slow IV or deep IM: 6 – 10 ml to be repeated 24 -48 hours later depending on the severity of the case.

Dexaphenylbutazone is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that was primarily used in veterinary medicine to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation in horses. It belongs to the same class of drugs as phenylbutazone, which is also an NSAID. Dexaphenylbutazone was withdrawn from the market in several countries due to concerns about its potential side effects, including adverse effects on the blood cells and the cardiovascular system. It’s important to note that the use of this medication should be under strict veterinary supervision due to its risks.

is Best Dexaphenylbutazone good for horse and camel

Dexaphenylbutazone, like phenylbutazone, is an NSAID that has been used in veterinary medicine to alleviate pain and inflammation in horses and, in some cases, camels. However, the use of this medication has been controversial due to concerns about potential side effects, including adverse effects on the blood cells and the cardiovascular system.

The decision to use any medication, including dexaphenylbutazone, in horses or camels should be made by a veterinarian. They will consider the specific condition being treated, the health status of the animal, and potential risks associated with the medication. It’s crucial to use such medications under strict veterinary supervision to minimize risks and ensure the well-being of the animal. Always follow your veterinarian’s guidance regarding the use of any medication for your horse or camel.

Contraindications for dexaphenylbutazone

In case of vascular brittle and congestion the recommended dose must be decreased and the second dose must not be applied. Also in the animals with heart, liver or kidney problems or in the end term of pregnancy this product is contraindicated.




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